There are multiple ways you can help on SCA Giving Day. Making a gift is just ONE part of the recipe for success! You can also volunteer for two online ambassador positions: fundraising and social media. Each one has its own perks! Please scroll to learn more.


When you sign up to fundraise for SCA, you create your own page that allows you to tell your SCA story and why you choose to support our mission. It is very easy to do and will amplify your impact. You can spread awareness within your network by using your preferred forms of communication—email, text, social media posts, etc.—to encourage others to join you in supporting SCA! Click the button below to create your own page and start fundraising for conservation programs.


Social Media Ambassador

You are an influencer, and because of that you have the power to become a SCA Social Media Ambassador. As an ambassador, you raise awareness about SCA’s mission, drive website traffic, generate donations, and grow the SCA brand. Unlocking the power and influence of our Social Media Ambassadors is essential to meeting our SCA Giving Day goals. We hope you want to be a part of it!

Social Media Ambassadors are part of our Community Ambassadors Program. By sharing messages, content, and images on SCA Giving Day, you will earn hours towards perks. Click the button below to learn more and sign up today.